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The national website for information on Apprenticeships

including the National Vacancy Matching Service


National Minimum Wage For Apprentices

This site explains the National Minimum Wage laws that apply to apprentices and tells you the minimum that you should be paid. Click here.

This site will give you all the detailed information on the content of Apprenticeships and Advanced Apprenticeships for each occupational area.

Careers advice, information and support for people of all ages from this new service launched in April 2012. Call 0800 100 900.

If you're aged 13 to 19 you can contact a Connexions Direct Adviser for information, advice and support on a range of issues affecting young people. There is also information on Work & Careers, Health & Relationships, Money, Travel, Housing etc

Advice and info for all those who choose not to go to university. As the site says...'We're led to believe that university is the only route to success. Not going to university doesn't mean your life is over, nor does it mean you can't be successful. We're here to inspire, advise, give you opportunities and help you to succeed in your chosen path. Welcome to the University of Life!'.





Free local employability advice in Brighton & Hove, Coastal West Sussex and the Gatwick area.

This provides a listing of available jobs in the different areas of Sussex as well as being a source of information and advice.

This site provides training and employment information to local businesses and individuals in Brighton & Hove.

Foundation Degrees are vocational degrees which allow people to study different occupations at degree level. Some people who have completed an Advanced Apprenticeship go onto Foundation Degrees. This site gives information on what Foundation Degrees are available in Sussex and across the South East and the organisations that offer them.
Help and advice on job hunting and extra support, help and advice on making a claim for benefit, help for employers in meeting recruitment needs

The national view from the Government organisation that funds the Apprenticeship programme.
Information on careers in the army
Information on careers in the RAF
Information on careers in the Royal Navy