Apprenticeship Reforms

The government has been carrying out a series of reforms to the apprenticeship system with the intention of making sure that apprenticeships deliver the skills that employers want and the work opportunities that people need. While employer and apprentice satisfaction rates with the existing system are very high the number of employers actually involved in the government's apprenticeship programme was running at about 15%. The Government's response, based on a 2012 review, was to give employers more control and a greater financial stake ('co-investment') in the system. This has led to the following reforms;

The broad policy picture is outlined in the government's Apprenticeship 2020 vision document published in December 2015. The full version is here and an Executive Summary here.

The government's latest official update for employers on the apprenticeship reforms is here. A fact sheet for employers summarising the apprenticeship reforms is here.

Please contact the training providers listed on this site for further information or discussion about the reforms and the future impact that they might have. You can also find more information and search for training providers using the government's Find apprenticeship training website.