Programmes Explained

Here is an explanation of the programmes that can be found as part of the ‘Training Search’ on the home page.

Pre Employment

This is a term we use to cover all training and support that is designed to help people move towards work. These can be long or short term programmes, work–based or in the classroom or both. Typically these types of programmes will help people to prepare for work whether that covers work experience, writing a CV, interviewing skills, introductory occupational skills or English & maths. These programmes can lead to Traineeships and Apprenticeships.


Traineeships are a Government programme designed to help people who are nearly ready for an Apprenticeship but require a little support to get there. Traineeships include work experience, work readiness training and English and maths. Traineeships are designed to lead on to an Apprenticeship or other paid work. More details are available here.


Apprenticeships are a Government programme that enables people to learn and earn while working. Apprenticeships are available at four levels Intermediate, Advanced, Higher and Degree The level that is right for you depends on your stage in learning and working. People starting an apprenticeship straight from school or without any prior experience in a particular job would normally start at Intermediate level. Those who have been working for a while who have some experience, skills and responsibility may be best suited to Advanced level while the Higher level is the most challenging requiring a significant level of skill and responsibility at work to be achieved and a higher level qualification such as a NVQ level 4, HNDs or foundation degree. Degree apprenticeships take this still further by including a full bachelor's or masters degree. More details are available here.