Success Stories

Chloe-Jane Jones | Advanced Apprenticeship  Veterinary Nursing
Employer | Pennard Veterinary Group
Training Provider | Plumpton College

Chloe Jane Jones is studying an Advanced Apprenticeship in Veterinary Nursing, concentrating on small animals, with the aim to become a qualified veterinary nurse. Chloe Jane works at Pennard Veterinary Group four days a week and attends Plumpton College one day a week.

"I chose the apprenticeship route because veterinary nursing is a very practical job; because of this I felt it would be best to learn and work at the same time, so everything that is being taught in college is being cemented and practised on a day to day basis at work.

I very much enjoy the social aspect of college. I enjoy finding out the difference between the practices and how they run. I especially love the grounds around Plumpton College, I find it a very peaceful place to work. I also like that all the lecturers are very approachable and I know if I had any concerns about the college work or even problems at work that I could go to anyone to sort it out. It makes it a much more enjoyable place to go and learn.

College has helped define my role in the work place by describing what I should and shouldn’t be doing which means I can get on with my job role without having to question everything I do. Also, they help reiterate that you don’t have to be amazing at the job role straight away, some things can take practice and that is ok. College has made me much more confident in the work place which is of benefit to me and my work colleagues.

When I finish I would like to further my knowledge in a certain area of the profession after practising as a qualified registered veterinary nurse for a year or so. At the moment I am very interested canine and feline behaviour so perhaps extra diplomas in that field".