Success Stories

Cocoa Loco | Food Industry Skills | West Grinstead

Sarah and Rory Payne, owners of Cocoa Loco, a chocolate factory located in Sussex, feel there is great value in the apprenticeship scheme. Cocoa Loco have already supported two young people with their qualifications and hope to take on more in the near future.

Rory recommends to any company, small or large, that they should consider taking on an apprentice. Cocoa Loco is run by a small team of people, 15 in total and only 5 full time employees. They felt they had the capacity to take on an apprentice and are very pleased with their choice to do so. Rory feels it is important to train local people within the community as it enables them to develop their career. Cocoa Loco have had two apprentices so far, both have become very important to the business and have integrated well. Rory says that Campus Training have worked around the business, therefore causing no disruption to production, it has all work seamlessly.

"Often young people who begin an apprenticeship have only been in the education sector, it can sometimes be hard for them to adjust and so they need support. Apprentices are great because they bring enthusiasm, excitement and a fresh pair of eyes. It also gives you the opportunity to train someone to your own standards, they have 'no professional baggage'."